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Southwest Oklahoma is native to multiple cockroach species, each requiring unique treatment. While most roaches can be controlled through our General Pest Control program, German Roaches require a more in depth treatment plan. With German Roaches being well adapted to living indoors, our service focuses on the areas they live and reproduce inside  the home.

Every spring, subterranean termites swarm the Oklahoma skies looking for ideal conditions to start new colonies. Don't let your house become the next home for a colony of termites. With preventative baiting systems, as well as liquid treatments, we can handle all aspects of termite control.

After a proper inspection to determine the rodent & points of entry, we will implement the best plan of action for your rodent issue. Using a combination of baits and traps, we will make sure the problem does not return. Once the infestation is gone, regularly scheduled service will ensure there is no reinfestation.


A thorough treatment starts with a proper inspection! Our experienced team will search and find where bed bugs are hiding in your home. Once identified, our treatment plan consists of multiple service calls, until the bed bugs are completely gone. That way, you can start sleeping peacefully again!





As rain and temperatures begin to increase each Spring, so do populations of fleas and ticks. These pesky parasites prefer your furry family members but in time, will begin to feed on EVERYONE in the home. By combining our service with a veterinarian recommended treatment for your pets, we'll have your family sleeping and playing, bite free, in no time.

After a long day in the Oklahoma heat, we'd all like to relax outside as the sun goes down. Unfortunately, mosquitos have other plans. Our service will treat all ornamental plants/bushes, undersides of trees, and lawns, as this treatment kills adults and prevents larvae from maturing.

Don't let the word "general" fool you; this service handles most insects and arachnids that crawl into your home. From spiders to beetles, scorpions to crickets, this treatment has you covered. By sticking to a 90 day schedule with our General Pest Control service, we will keep you comfortable year round.

Do you have an issue you don't see listed? Contact us today, and we'll let you know how we can help! Our company offers multiple services to combat fleas, ticks, German roaches, carpet beetles, carpenter ants and many other pests. Let our team give you the peace of mind you deserve in your home!



At Omega Pest Control, customer satisfaction lies at the core of our business.


We strive to build strong relationships with our clients by delivering exceptional service, maintaining open communication, and promptly

addressing any concerns.

Through personalized solutions tailored to each situation, we aim to exceed expectations and provide peace of mind.


"We had an issue with outside ants that two other well known pest control companies could not get rid of. Both companies would come out between regularly scheduled services to try to take care of the issue. Omega Pest Control came out ONE time and we have not seen the ants since.
I HIGHLY recommend Omega Pest Control!"

Kim johnson

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